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The primary objective of the Paraclete K9 Detection Course is to produce a dog team (Handler and dog) that is prepared and capable of deploying as a detection dog team (explosives or narcotics).  At the completion of the course, the dog will be proficient and reliable in locating their imprinted odors in any realistic environment including, but not limited to, buildings, vehicles and open areas.  Narcotic detection dogs will be imprinted on the three odors: cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.  Additional odors can be imprinted based on the requirements of your specific agency.  Explosive detection dogs will be trained on a much larger variety of odors to include the list of explosive odors recommended by current industry and federal standards.  This list evolves and it is updated periodically.  We will be using the list of odors that is most current at the time of training.  Additionally, the dog handlers will be proficient with handling a detection dog.   This will be demonstrated throughout the course, and during a certification process upon completion.  Handlers will also be proficient in proper documentation for detection training and deployments.  

Upon completion of the Paraclete K9 Detection Course, each team will be capable of successfully completing a national certification.  The handlers will specifically be certified by the National Police Canine Association.  It will be up to the individual agency to decide if they wish to continue with the NPCA certification process through an annual certification process.  

Schedule and pricing will be determined after discussion of needs.