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  1. Great web site. I really was impressed with the training photos and the training that you provide

  2. Daryl is a good guy and a great trainer. Our entire team always looks forward to his training and what he’ll teach us next. I highly recommend his e-collar class.

  3. Santa Maria PD hosted a three day e-collar class, with San Luis Obispo SO attending, the class is well worth it, Daryl is very knowledgeable, professional, and puts on a great class, opened up a whole new area for us to train in our unit. If you run a e-collar on your dog highly recommended you sign up for this class, it’s much more than just discipline. Look forward to having Daryl up for more classes in other areas. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the high praise!!! It was truly a pleasure working with your teams and I look forward to more “good times” training with you!!!!!

  5. Great site Daryl, outstanding information coupled with real world practical experience. Keep up the good work, proud of you brother.

  6. Daryl has my personal endorsement as a valuable source of experience and training for Police Service Dogs and their handlers.

  7. I first met Daryl at a K9 Seminar in 2009 and had the pleasure of attending his training several times since. He is probably the most hospitable and humble police K9 trainer in the world. I don’t know anyone more dedicated to getting good information out to handlers on the street. He has gone way above and beyond to help me on several occasions and never asked for anything in return or any special recognition. On top of that, he has definitely “been there and done that” when it comes to tactical K9 deployments. I highly recommend Daryl for any K9 training, especially tactical deployments. Thanks again for everything Daryl! Be safe brother!

  8. Thank you for that glowing recommendation. I only hope I can live up to that post sir! It has always been my pleasure training with you and I always learn as much from you as you ever have from me!!!

  9. First of all I want to say thank you to Daryl for putting on an awesome class. His e-collar class is legit. Not only did I learn how to safely and effectively use the e-collar but i learned how my dog thinks and responds to me. I would recommend this class to anybody that runs a K9. It’s always awesome to see an instructor get out there with you and get in the suit.

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  11. Went down to Riverside for the E-Collar class. I knew the benefits of the E-Collar but I thought, “that’s nice, but this dog is HARD and it’s not going to work for him”. By the end of that class, my K9 was doing things and behaving in ways that I never thought was possible. Not only did Daryl fix my dog’s issues, but my issues and inconsistencies as well. While the work continues, people can not believe that it is the same dog. This has changed the way I handle dogs for the rest of my career and I recommend it to anyone who handles a dog. Excellent work, Daryl!

  12. I meet Daryl back in 2012 and have the pleasure of training with him on a regular basis. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in training K9’s in patrol, tactical and detection aspects. He is a trainer who still has a passion for teaching not just the K9 but the handler.

  13. Thanks Aaron… did all the hard work staying consistent!! I just gave you the tools!! What a great improvement you both made!! That is truly why I do it and enjoy it so much!! Thanks for the gift also… time you are down here we can enjoy it together!!

  14. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Very useful info particularly the last part

  15. Daryl is not only one of the best K9 trainers in the world, he is also a great person and man of his word. He leads by example and will answer your call day or night. His work ethic and knowledge are second to none.

  16. Thank you so much Ray! It has always been a pleasure working with you and your team! You have always been a huge support to both me and your guys!

  17. Paraclete K9 we just finished the E collar class and the next day was our first shift back to work. We responded to a disturbance at an apartment complex where a suspect was hiding in a closet in an ambush position. Citizens were running around yelling and causing a scene. My PSD laid at my side, watched but never barked or even tried to get up. When it was time to deploy into the apartment. I deployed at a distance and used what I learned in your class to direct him at the closet where the suspect was hiding. I have noticed such a change in my ability to control my PSD after taking your class. Thank you so much

  18. Thank you so much Kyle!!!! It thrills me that you could take the training, use it, and THRIVE!!! Great job in the class and thanks for keeping us safe!!!!!

  19. After taking the Behavioral shaping E-collar course, I was almost immediately deployed for a large warehouse search with multiple threat points for the team to address. With the use of the e-collar and the training from this course, I was able to work fluidly with the search team and utilize my dog to provide more safety and tactical advantage for the entire team. Several members of the team commented on how well the K9 integrated with the team and what an asset it was to have such a well trained dog on the entry team

  20. That is great to hear Travis! It is always great to hear success stories like yours! I am glad the training paid off for you and your team!

  21. Had the opportunity to attend Daryl’s E-collar class recently. He is very knowledgeable about the topic. Daryl’s ability to marry the theory and ideals with real world application, make the training awesome. He explains it, demonstrates it and helps you do it, all in a fun and relaxed setting. Daryl helps you to realize your dogs potential.

    Thanks Daryl.

  22. Just finished the E-collar class and learned a ton! I never thought I would be able to have such a high level of control with my dog in just three days. Many considered my dog to be a hard or difficult dog, but Daryl was able to help me resolve my issues almost immediately . The best part was seeing how much fun my dog was having with all of the conflict gone and the two of us communicating effectively. Thanks Daryl! This class had a huge impact on me and my dog!

  23. Aaron..I truly enjoyed training with you and look forward to great things from you guys!!!!

  24. I had the opportunity to attend Daryl’s Behavior Shaping with E-Collar class last week. I’ve know Daryl for a long time, and I’ve attended his Tactical K9 School (LASD), so my expectations were very high. I’ve got to say, Daryl exceeded my expectations once again. Daryl not only possesses the knowledge and skills, but he has a remarkable ability to articulate and present the information so everyone is able to understand it. “Those who can do, and those who can’t teach” definitely does NOT apply to Daryl. His knowledge mixed with his sense of humor gives him a teaching style that K9 handlers can really relate to. And… Daryl gets in the suit and does ALL of the decoy work. How many police K9 trainers do you know that do that? At the end of the three day class I saw HUGE improvements in all of the dog teams. If you want to learn how to really communicate with your dog, I highly recommend this class.

    That’s all great, but the proof is on the streets. That’s where it really matters. On my second shift after the class we had an armed barricade with a true “gamer”. This guy was able to withstand hours of gas and everything we threw at him. Our team leaders devised a plan that involved a pretty radical K9 deployment. The plan was tricky because it would require my dog be very obedient and absolutely silent until contact. All in a gas filled environment. The deployment was a success. During this deployment I had the opportunity to marry the skills I learned in both the Tactical K9 School and the E-collar class. My dog did awesome! Honestly, I don’t know if he would’ve been able to do that before attending this class. Daryl’s number one priority is sharing information to keep us safe. Thank you Daryl, I really appreciate all I have learned from you!

  25. Scott,
    I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the comments and how happy I am you could use the skills for a safe outcome! That is the ultimate compliment when someone uses what I show them and has a safe return home at the end of the incident!!! It is always a great time training with you guys and as always I am impressed by you and your unit!!!

  26. Gunnar and I cannot thank you enough for your proper and patient instruction on e-collar usage
    You have given us something we could never receive anywhere else on this earth
    I now have and obedient and protective companion I can count on to follow my instruction

  27. Sharon, I can not thank you enough for all your hard work! It was truly a pleasure and wish you and Gunnar the best!!!

  28. All three of our SRPD K9 teams attended Daryl’s e-collar class, and all of us walked away learning tons of valuable information. We all had different amounts of time working with our dogs and we all learned something no matter how much time/experience we had with our individual K9’s. Daryl not only pointed out some of the obvious to us he also went into the psychological approach for the dogs. He also left us with training we could continue to work and train after the class. I highly recommend this course for all handlers of all levels! Look forward to future training with Daryl.

  29. Thank you so much for the high praise!!! I try my best to not only teach you the lessons applicable for that day but also give you something to take away for the future!!! Thanks again!!!!

  30. We are so happy with the training we received not only for our over energetic puppy but for us as owners as well. We now understand each other and what the rules and boundaries are to have a happy relationship.
    We can not thank Daryl enough!

  31. Charles and Sandra,
    Thank you so much!!! It was truly a pleasure to train with you and Gideon and see you guys grow together!!

  32. I was first introduced to Daryl Gaunt while attending a basic canine handler course. Daryl is very professional and always willing to listen. During my short time as a canine handler I experienced numerous struggles with my dog. Daryl took the time to listen to my concerns and establish a game plan for us.

    In a very short period of time Daryl was able to successfully analyze and address my issues.

    I have spent numerous hours with Daryl and seen myself and my partner grow in ways I did not know were possible.

    I later attended his 3 day E-collar class and saw even more progress.

    I will always be grateful for his help and desire to better officers and their partners.

  33. Matt, thank you so much for the compliments!! I truly had a great time training with you and your partner and enjoyed the challenge (from your partner….not you) !!! Ha ha ha!!! You guys make a great team and have a great future ahead!!!

  34. Thank you!!!! I love to help these teams do better!!!!! Communication And consistency is everything!!!!

  35. Thank you so much Daryl for coming out each week and training the Dog and I, Always on time, Very professional and kind. Thank you for teaching me how to train my dog so that I can keep on training him for the rest of his life, He listens great now, Its so nice have a dog that listens! stays! and does what you command the first time. I would recommend and have! to anyone that wants to train their dog!

  36. Thank you so much for those kind words and I truly enjoy my civilian clients as well as my professional ones! They are two different perspectives but the same dogs and you did great with the training!!!

  37. Daryl came down and gave our whole team an e-collar refresher. Our team couldn’t be happier with the results. He’s not gonna sugarcoat it, he’ll give it to you straight and your team will be better for it.

    Daryl is one of the best in the business. His years of real life experiences really come through in his training. Every “theory” he talks about has real world application and use. Whether your a new team or just need some clean-up, Daryl is your guy.

    Murrieta PD

  38. Aaron, Thank you so much! I always enjoy working with you guys and you have a really great team!!

  39. Daryl, I spoke with you on my flight from Oakland to Ontario. My name is Jamie and I was one f the flight attendants in the back of the aircraft. Thank you for the information on my dog aggression issues. I’ll be giving you a call.

  40. I am my agencies first K9 handler in 12 years. Starting over again after 12 years, and creating a program from the ground up has come with challenges. One of the MANY challenges has been finding ways to make Officers feel more comfortable working with and around this valuable tool. I learned of Daryl and Paraclete K9 because of the reputation he has built throughout the K9 community. I called his cell phone and surprisingly to me he answered. We talked “Dog stuff” for 45 minutes, and I quickly learned of Daryl’s passion and overwhelming knowledge of everything K9.

    After a lot of hard work, I received “Buy in” from my departments administration. I Fast forward 3 months later and found myself, our second K9 handler and K9, and 10 SWAT Operators in Daryl’s SWAT Integration course. The course started slowly, and used simple integration exercises which allowed members of the SWAT team to become familiar being around the K9’s. Once this was completed, we moved onto 2 days of vehicle clearings, yard to yard searches, area searches, and building searches. Not only was Daryl’s knowledge of everything K9 on display, but his knowledge and experience of SWAT tactics and movements even surprised our most senior SWAT Operators.

    After 2 days of rigorous training and hundreds of repetitions, needless to say there wasn’t an Operator in the group that felt uncomfortable working with our K9’s. Some even received some level of comfortability taking the dogs off bites. I STRONGLY recommend this course and look forward to working with Daryl in the future. Seriously, thank you, Daryl, for what you do.

  41. Joshua,
    Thank you so much for the kind words! I truly enjoyed working with you and your team! It was truly an honor to help you establish a great foundation for your team and all your guys are great!! I also look forward to training with you guys again!

  42. I just completed Daryl’s course. I’ve worked 3 K9’s now and wished I had his training 18 years ago! It would have saved me a mountain of trouble, and work! If you’ve come from the old school of training and thinking, like I have, he will not only prove we are wrong, he will show it in the performance of your own K9. My partners performance after this course is unsurpassed. This is a must have training for any department or handler! Well worth every minute, and every dollar!

  43. Eric,
    Thank you so much and I loved training with your group in Salem!! I always learn from every group and I learned loads from you guys!!!! You truly epitomize, “Run your dog, not your mouth!” I love senior guys like you!!!! Old school rules!!!!!

  44. Recently completed the K9 behavior shaping course with e-collar. This is a top notch course which helped me and my training group achieve more advanced techniques in communicating with our dogs. We will definitely be more prepared for future SWAT calls, and patrol situations for sure. I highly recommend this course.
    Thanks Daryl,
    Awesome class!

  45. Cory,
    Thanks so much for the comment and I really enjoyed training with your guys! You have a great group and would enjoy coming back!!

  46. I took the e-collar class at the end of May. I must preface this by saying my new K9 has always been pretty solid at obedience, however I was looking for something more advanced. What I did not expect was how this e-collar class would greatly improve my dogs basic obedience, and also build a foundation for much more advanced tactical obedience in the future. I was under the misconception that e-collars were used as a correction tool only, and that was all I ever used it for. The e-collar class not only instructs you on how to improve you basic obedience, bite work, and recalls using an e-collar for correction using specific techniques; it also shows how to use low level titration stimulation through the e-collar as a communication tool which can be used to communicate with your dog at distance. My dog who has always been very stubborn on verbal outs, as well as recalls, by the end of the class did both on the first try. Daryl was professional, but also made the class extremely entertaining which as we know can be hard to do in a Law Enforcement setting. I highly recommend this class to anyone regardless of skill level who is interested in using an e-collar, or who had never considered an e-collar but wants to get the most out of their K9.

  47. Jon,
    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your comments here!! That is very high praise and I want to tell you that you are a great handler and it was a pleasure to train with you guys!!! Each class I learn and take away something…. your class was no exception…. I truly saw such great improvement on the use of the collar and know you guys will continue upward!!! Thank you for the chance to train with you and I look forward to more!!


  48. I took this E-collar class and it was amazing. As a new handler I am still learning basic handling skills and was not sure on how to properly us an ecollar, after this class I feel really comfortable on using them now. Daryl is an amazing instructor and made it easy to learn. My dogs obedience was really strong but it is so much stronger after taking this class. Thank you Daryl for putting on an awesome class.

  49. Joshua,
    Thank you so much! Your guys were great and I had a really good time! You and your dog did great and I am so happy you enjoyed it! See you next time.

  50. I have completed both the e-collar and patrol integration class through Paraclete. I would highly recommend each class to handlers at all levels of experience. The scenarios are challenging and require thought all while reacting in a timely manner. Working through area searches, building searches, and high risk traffic stops with patrol officers, who have not spent a lot of time working with K9s, is very beneficial. It gives them the confidence to work around your K9 partner in a stress environment. This creates a safer work environment in real deployments.

  51. Brendan,
    Thank you so much!! It was awesome having you in class and getting a different perspective of how to work a problem!! I always learn something from every class and this one was no exception!!!

  52. I Attended this class as a street level patrol officer and it was one of the best classes I have ever attended. Daryl is a great instructor and made the class fun and enjoyable. He has a ton of knowledge that he passes down to the class. You learn not only how to work with the dogs but also a little about what the handlers are looking for. I now feel more comfortable working side by side with the k9.

  53. Nick,
    Thank you so much for attending the course! It is great to give patrol personnel a look at the dog side! You guys were great being in kit all day long and putting up with all our “dog training”! You guys were AWESOME!

  54. I cant say enough good things about Daryl Gaunt. What a great instructor! Many a police training course includes a section of “death by power point”, but not Daryl’s classes. He keeps it relevant and interesting with real world and up to date information. Most importantly (speaking as a law enforcement instructor myself), Daryl keeps his students ENGAGED in the material! His real world experience combined with his passion for the subject matter, AND his approach to teaching, make any class offered from Paraclete K9 a MUST attend!! If you are looking to bring your own skills, or those of your partners up to the next level…get signed up with Paraclete K9!Dont miss out.
    Ofc. Hanley Upland PD K9

  55. Quinn,
    Thank you so much for the praise and I will return it by telling you what a great group of guys you have!!! Thank you so much for making this class come together and I really had a blast!!! It was very encouraging to have regular patrol deputies so interested in learning and willing to take the chance to work with the dogs all day!!!! You and your dog definitely came away much stronger as a team!!! Great job!!!

  56. Took Daryl’s E collar class with my year and a half old Mal. Complete game changer. Daryl has a crazy amount of knowledge and teaches the handler much more than the dog. My dog picked up on everything much faster than I ever thought and Daryl was able to provide answers to any questions the class had. He would always explain why did things and why we didn’t do other things, which made everything make sense to me as a new handler. I would recommend this E collar class to anybody so they would always have this tool to use with their dog.

  57. I just finished the e- collar class and it was by far the best class I have attended as a handler. Daryl was easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and showed me how to fix some of my bad habits. I would recommend this class to anyone that wants to use the e-collar. I will definitely be using him again for training.

  58. Matt,
    It was my pleasure to train with you and I look forward to doing it again! It is always great getting business from referrals that are outside your normal training group!

  59. I have been fortunate enough to train with Daryl a few times, with the most recent being a 4 day tactical K-9 course. I’ve been to several tactical K-9 courses over the years but none rival what Daryl teaches. I can’t think of another course that will pack in the variety of training from open areas, gas house and range time to name a few. I truly appeciate the requirement for the handler to think during each scenario. This changes the dynamic from simple training to having to make decisions on the fly. If you are looking to challenge yourself, your K-9, and most importantly be a better team – attend the course.

    Daryl’s e-collar class is also well worth the time. Now it’s not as “high speed” and “tactical” and the course I mentioned above, but it will teach you the tools to have a solid, obedient K-9 which will behave both in drive and out. I highly recommend both courses Daryl offers.

  60. Rick,
    Thanks for your feedback!!!! We had a great time training with you and your teams and we were truly challenged by the questions you guys asked!!! It always makes me better to have someone ask ‘why’ rather than just accept it!!!! Awesome job and hopefully we can do it again!!!

  61. Daryl put on a great class and went out of his way to help us get this training. This class has helped resolve some conflict my dog and I were having at distance. I would recommend the e-collar class to anyone who has a working dog.

  62. Justin, thanks for the praise!!! I really enjoyed working with you guys and look forward to training with you again!!!

  63. The proof is in the pudding. I recently completed the behavior shaping and E-collar course. What an experience! Mr. Gaunt is a true professional. He teaches from his knowledge and experience in a way that most trainers do not; with humor and humbleness. He truly knows dogs and how they think. To be honest, I was a skeptic at first. It did not take long for me to realize the truth behind what was being taught and WHY. I had several “issues” that other trainers (some with 30+ years of years experience) could not fix. I am still in shock what Mr. Gaunt has done for me and my partner. He has given this “monkey” the tools to solve problems and teach my dog almost anything, short of driving the car. Thank you for blowing my mind and making a believer out of me. Cheers to you Sir.

  64. Sel,
    Thank you so much for the high praise!!! It was truly a pleasure working with you and your partner!!! Keep up the great work and be safe!

  65. I first met Daryl at a NPCA Nationals where I was lucky enough to sit through two of his classes which were lecture only. Daryl did a good job of keeping the class going with good information and is obviously very knowledgeable. I was lucky enough to be able to bring him to North Dakota for training with my guys and other handlers from around the state. Daryl was loved by everyone in the class. He kept the training going and gave us as much help and information as humanly possible. He not only showed how he does something but explained why he does it and the failures he has seen in the field. He explained how he trains to a super high level so when responding on the street you feel comfortable and secure in your experience that you have “done that before” in training. He helps you to calm yourself and think before you act.
    Well, even in North Dakota we have bad people and one of my handlers was on a call where Daryl’s words and actions no doubt helped shape my handlers response. The training with Daryl helped to make the K9 into a “furry robot” that had no issues with the stress and multiple moving parts going on when the SWAT Team showed up. My handler knew what his dog could do and what he Shouldn’t do with his K9 because of Daryl’s training. Long story short, the dog not only did what it was supposed to do but it made a believer out of every SWAT officer that was there who had doubts before they saw what a well trained K9 could do.
    There is no doubt in my mind that without the guidance and training from Daryl this would not have been handled as well as it was.
    I would HIGHLY recommend training with Daryl if you can. Even if its only the classroom he is a wealth of knowledge that should be used. I know the guys in class want me to bring him back to show him how them have improved and then get more from him.


    Sgt Lyle Sinclair Bismarck Police Bismarck ND

  66. Thank you so much for the high praise Lyle. I love hearing when something I have taught a handler helps him solve a crisis safely!! Stay safe and hopefully I will see you soon.

  67. My dog and I just finished a two day class with Daryl. Before this class my dog would NOT let go of the toy, would bark on announcements, not be obedient when there was stimulation nearby, bite the leash, etc. Daryl fixed each problem, one by one, within a matter of minutes. He made dog training fun and enjoyable for both me and my dog. He helped me understand the way dogs think and why they do the things they do. I walked away from this class with more confidence than ever and I couldn’t be happier. I HIGHLY recommend this class to any handler. Take this class! You won’t be disappointed!

  68. Thanks Joel!!!!! I had so much fun in this class!!!! I love seeing a handler and a dog both start understanding what the other wants…..and then having the “time of their lives” doing it!!!!! Be safe buddy and have fun!!!!

  69. Daryl, man full of knowledge. We were so fortunate to have him in KCMO in 2018. Not only has his teachings been applied to my working K9, but have been applied to my 2, 1 year old Malinois sibling pups. Recently had a simple question regarding the pups and was able to contact Daryl. He worked me through the problem. Much thanks to him! Very grateful. If you have the opportunity to sit in one of his classes or have him come to your agency, DO IT!, you will not be disappointed.

  70. Thank you so much for the comment!!!! As anyone who knows me knows I strive to help every team I train!!!!! Please keep pushing the breed in both law enforcement and civilian venues!!!!! Be safe buddy!!!!

  71. If you want some “Ninji” K9 training, look no further! Daryl is awesome and a wealth of knowledge with dog work. He is very professional and tailors every training to your specific needs with your unit/K9 team while also making it a ton of FUN!! On behalf of PPD and our K9 unit, we want to Thank you for also being so accommodating and flexible with the short notice on E-collar training. We recommend Daryl/Paraclete K9 to all K9 teams looking to take being a handler to the next level. Looking forward to more training !!

  72. Thank you for the kind words!! I always enjoy training with you guys and look forward to it again!!!!

  73. The E-collar course from ParacleteK9 is by far the best class I can recommend to handlers who want a better and more efficient way to communicate with their dog and reduce conflict and confusion when teaching new skills and reinforcing existing skills. The class will take your K9 team to the next level. Simple, efficient, training that makes your job as a handler easier…it doesn’t matter if you are a new handler, or a seasoned veteran…this is NOT your average E-collar class…this is a tactical training skill set which will make you BETTER on the street!

  74. Thank you very much and I truly enjoyed working with you guys! I will see you soon!!!

  75. The E-collar class was outstanding and by the end my dog was doing performing in a way that I had not seen him before. The class also emphasizes how to effectively and consistently communicate with your dog to improve your teams overall performance. I would highly recommend this course to everyone handling a k9. Daryl is a stand up trainer and is willing to stay as long as anyone wants to ensure the success of all of his students.

  76. Daryl, nice meeting you at Seafood Palace – Lake Charles, LA. Good luck and safe travels!

  77. Thanks so much sir!!!! It was a pleasure working with you guys!!!!!

  78. Thank you sir!!!! The pleasure was mine!!!! And thanks for the hookup on the crabs!!!!

  79. Daryl’s basic e-collar course should be taught at every basic handler school across the country. The course goes so far beyond utilizing an e-collar; this is a communication course which sets dog teams up for success on the training field and the streets. Hands down the most enlightening training course I’ve attended in my years of K9 service. I will be back for more!

  80. I had the pleasure of attending the e collar course and I am very grateful for the time Daryl, Steve, and Scoot put in. They are very organized, punctual, and knowledgeable. They are passionate about what they do and it shows! I look forward to attending more courses in the future!

    I took away so much from the training and felt confident with what my new tools.

  81. It was our pleasure. Amazing group of dogs and handlers. Thanks for putting in the work every day. Stay safe!

  82. I recently attended the E-Collar class and learned some incredible skills for working my dog. I am far more prepared and a better handler now because I am able to communicate with my dog instead of it all being punishment from the collar. Daryl, Scott and Steve are some of the most most knowledgeable and helpful instructors I have ever had in my professional career. If you think these classes might help you then take then because they will for sure.

  83. Thank you so much and we are glad you took something positive from the class!!! Scott and Steve are an excellent addition to the team!!!

  84. I attended the Redmond 3 day behavior shaping E-collar class, this was an awesome class. The way it was taught was not a “we will fix the dog” and send you on your way. Then you have to go back when you have issues again, it was “these are some fixes that you can do on your own if you have issues.” It was a method of teaching the handler to have a great concept of working through issues and not having to rely on someone else fixing the issue. I was impressed with the progress made with my K9 at the end of day 3. I now can maintain the consistency of working my K9. I am excited to attend the other courses offered!

  85. Robert,
    I am so glad you took things away from our class that will help you in the future!!

  86. Dan,
    Thanks so much for hosting us! We had a great time and you guys are a great group!!
    We saw great progress and expect great things in the future!!

  87. I attended the three day Behavior Shaping / E-Collar class and can say my simple mind was blown. I have been using the E-Collar for years and wish I would have had this class years ago so I knew how to properly use it. Daryl and Scott broke stuff down in a way that even knuckledraggers can understand. The biggest win for me was that I was able to heel my dog aggressive pup next to another dog aggressive dog with a slack lead and he just stared right at me and paid no mind to the other dog. Our class had super green dogs (picked up at the kennel three days before this class) and experienced dogs, and they were able to tailor the class to the individual team.

    Daryl and Scott are hilarious together and watching them work together was alone worth the price of admission. My pup and I had a lot of fun and learned A LOT.

  88. Dan,
    I was so happy to see the improvements in your dog!! We had a great time and really appreciated your enthusiasm! We look forward to training more with you guys!!

  89. I just completed a three-day e-collar class with Daryl and Scott. The class provided me with tools to continue shaping new behaviors after the class was complete. I really enjoyed learning a method for directional training and being provided the tools to build upon what I learned. I appreciated the straightforward approach both Daryl and Scott provided. If you make an error you will be called out but then you will be instructed on how to fix that error, which is exactly what I like. This class also reinforced to me that we as handlers and trainers need to keep things black and white for our dogs so that the desired behaviors we are asking for are clear, prompt, and precise.

    I plan on attending more classes offered by Paraclete K9! Thanks again Daryl and Scott!

  90. Nathan,
    Thank you so much for the post! We really do enjoy seeing both handlers and dogs clearly communicating to each other during the class and the “black and white” is a huge part of it! We enjoyed training with you guys and look forward to more!!!

  91. I had the privilege of attending the e-collar class recently. Calling it an e-collar class is really selling it short. The lecture about behavior shaping is worth the cost of admission alone. The information presented was so simple, but crucial to conflict free communication with your pooch. As others have said, the progress made in three days was immense. Should be a requirement for any handler at any stage of their career.

    I previously attending the Tactical K9/SWAT course as well. Hands down the best tactical training I’ve received and still use 99% of the tactics to this day.

  92. I attended the behavior shaping ecollar class last summer. I was initially given a ecollar without the proper training or understanding on how or when to use it. Out of fairness I took it off the dog for a few months. Then Paraclete K9 came to town! Scott and Daryl really helped us with clear communication and consistency. I honestly can say I don’t know where we would be as team right now without this class. Thank you Daryl and Scott!

  93. Thanks for the comments Jason… was a pleasure training with you and I am glad to hear you got so much out of the class!

  94. Thank you for the high praise!! It is always reaffirming to hear handlers took so much away from the class….especially when it is a student from a prior class!!!

  95. I recently had the opportunity to take Daryl’s “Shaping Behavior with E-Collar” course. Daryl clearly had a wealth of knowledge and experience that he drew from as an instructor. His training methods were very straightforward and clear, without being stale or dull in any way. Even when I made mistakes or had issues, he helped me troubleshoot and solve problems. Daryl made the course fun and engaging the whole time, both for me and my dog.

    Not only did I learn how to incorporate the E-collar safely and effectively into our work, Daryl’s class reinforced how vitally important clear, concise and CONSISTENT communication is to the success of your relationship with your dog. The training was invaluable and I will without a doubt build on the concepts presented throughout my career as a handler.

    From the time I initially reached out to schedule a class with him, Daryl was incredible to work with. He was flexible and professional and made it very evident that he truly cares about the success of you and your dog.

  96. A few handlers from my training group had Daryl out for E-collar Behavior Shaping and Laser, 4 days total. Daryl has managed to cram a ton of content into these 4 days and all of our dogs showed improved confidence and obedience. Daryl is a great teacher for handlers and has the skills to work through issues your dog might have on a specific exercise. His operational career as a handler for LA County SEB is not only impressive, but also backs up what he is teaching you and why it matters.

    We had some great laughs and conversations about operations, dog training and police work. Hopefully we can have him out again for an advanced course.

    If you are looking for some new training ideas or want to take your team to the next level, this is a great place to start. The price is also much less than similar trainers or courses when you look at the quality and amount of training you are getting.

  97. Thanks for the feedback!! I really enjoyed training with your group and can’t wait to come back. I saw such great things with your dogs and I am excited to see your guys progress.

  98. Several handlers from my training group and I just completed Daryl’s 4-day E-collar behavior shaping and laser class. The class far exceeded my expectations. I was able to take several skills from the training and immediately apply them. Daryl was patient with us as we worked through the new information and skills he taught. The class was an eye opener to not only the things I can improve on but also tapping into the full potential of what the dogs are capable of. I will certainly be attending more of Daryl’s classes in the future.

  99. Thanks Pete!! I had a great time training with you guys and really enjoyed seeing the improvement with the teams. I am looking forward to hearing great things from you guys in the future.

  100. Hands down best training I’ve ever attended. I wasn’t excited about a classroom day, but it was absolutely necessary. I learned a lot about dog behavior and problem solving. E Collar and laser was a definite plus, but I learned the most for from the Known Command flow chart. I very highly recommend this training for anyone looking to clean up their dog’s obedience, outs, and recalls. Wish I attended years ago. Thanks Daryl!!

  101. Tim,
    It was a true pleasure to work with you all and see the huge improvements! It always makes me smile when I see the things we discuss in the classroom occur on the field!

  102. I took an Ecollar class from Daryl that was just incredible. Not only did he teach how to use the ecollar, but also how to effectively communicate with your dog. He fixed a behavior problem with another dog in the class in less than 3 minutes with a simple change of how the handler was communicating with his dog.

    The class gave me the confidence to run my apprehension K9 off leash in areas with numerous distractions that I would not have dreamed of doing before.

    Daryl provided me a path forward as far as how to continue training my K9 and effectively communicating with him so that he understands what I am asking him to do when I teach him new commands.

    If you are using an Ecollar for your working dog, considering using an e-collar, or are having behavior/communication problems and you haven’t taken Daryl’s class, you are missing out on a great opportunity to be a better, more effective team with your canine.

  103. Would highly recommend. Very knowledgeable, professional, and made for an easy learning environment. Daryl brings alot of experience to the table and it shows in his teaching style.

  104. Thank you so much!!! I really enjoyed training with you and expect great things in the future!!!

  105. Thank you so much for the words of praise! I truly enjoy giving you all the tools to effectively and safely communicate with your dog and make sure you ALL come home safe at the end of your shift!!!

  106. Saw your vehicle/signage on I-35 northbound near Austin. 8/31/23 Love the name of your company. It’s such an appropriate name. Blessings. My first dog as a child was a German Shepherd named Bullet. He was my best friend. I have untrainable dachshunds now.

  107. I am so glad you like the name!!! My wife and I wanted it to reflect our Christian values and the Paraclete is the “protector” who helps Jesus….I always loved that story!!! I feel like my role is to cone alongside my handlers and helo them defeat evil.

  108. Amazing course! Being an MWD handler it’s so awesome to see new ways of training and how to incorporate new ideas into training. Daryl makes the class enjoyable and fun and really explains behavior in a simple way that’s easy. Definitely glad I signed up and will be looking out for another seminar if he’s ever back in the Washington/Idaho area! Thanks for spreading your knowledge and experience Daryl! It’s super appreciated!

  109. Casi,
    I am so glad you were able to attend the class! It is always a pleasure to support our military personnel!! Hope your unit benefits from the class!!

  110. Daryl is a great instructor and has decades worth of knowledge and experiences, and is able to keep the handlers engaged even through the PowerPoint presentations/videos. His e-collar and laser pointer class is awesome and I wish I could have taken it sooner when I first got a dog. It is broken down so even dummies like me can understand. In such a short amount of time I saw several improvements in my dog, and learned a lot of new material that I can implement on my own and take back to my K-9 unit.

  111. I recently went through Daryl’s Behavior Shaping E-Collar/Laser course as a civilian. He was so kind to let me join in on the class and allow me to learn from him. I didn’t expect to learn so much about police dog training that would apply to pet dogs. He cared so much about the success of every dog and building relationships with all the students. I couldn’t recommend training with Paraclete K9 more! Thank you Daryl!!

  112. I just took the E-collar and laser directional class. It was a super informative class and I had taken this class before and still learned a ton, along with refreshing the concept . Everything was explained on the reason behind why each behavior was happening and what is one possible solution. Daryl also explained he has a solution but there are tons of solutions out there so learn what works with your partner. Daryl was very knowledgable helped tremendously. Daryl wasn’t focused on the time meaning 8 hours but to make sure every dog understood what was being asked. Daryl worked with all the handlers late and made sure everyone understood the concepts.

  113. Just had Dyral up her for e collar and laser directionals. Got to admit I was skeptical cause it sounded like black magic. But it’s not. Beyond that he put in time after class when we decided to do passive muzzle problems as a group. My dog has always had problems with muzzle check. When I go to muzzle check him it always turns into a fight and he comes up the leash. I’ve talked with a number of well know trainers and they basically told me just deal with it. Ya it’s fixed after 5 minutes with dyral. Go to this class. Keep and open mind. Don’t worry about feeling stupid cause we all did. You’ll take so much away. Fantastic class. Looking forward to the next class cause there will be a next one. Jim dooley/ rehabbed K9 handler.

  114. Jim,
    Thank you so much for having faith and trying the concepts!!! I had a great time training with you and your partner!!! Great progress!!!

  115. Robert,
    It was great seeing you again and I am glad we could show you some more info!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  116. Kelty,
    Thank you so much for auditing the class!!! It is a great breath of fresh air to have a civilian in the class!! You bring a different perspective that is alwaydls helpful!! Good luck in your future business!!

  117. Connor,
    It was a blast having you in the class and I really enjoyed discussing all the facets of K9 training with you and Kelti!! Be safe and have fun with your pup!!!

  118. This was an amazing class that helped shape and solidly the correct levels of titration. This class helped provide clear communication to my K9 and I highly recommend every police K-9 unit attend this!

  119. Thank you so much Hayley!!! I had a great time with you guys and enjoyed the training!!!! Be safe!!!

  120. Daryl’s expertise and guidance are second to none. Our obedience and engagement has gone to another level through his E-Collar class. We’ve really been able to reduce conflict and have better overall dogs thanks to the course. Daryl is a cops trainer. I guarantee you’ll be better off after attending one of his trainings.

  121. I spoke to Daryl today about laser directionals and teaching the dog to find the laser. During our conversation Daryl was able to go step by step directions on how to teach the dog to find the laser and be successful. Daryl is extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend him for your next training seminar! I’m hoping to bring him to my department very soon!!!! Thank you again Daryl for the information.

  122. Joe, It was awesome speaking to you and sharing some ideas that I had. I am looking forward to hearing about your progress and hopefully we can set something up in the future with your guys!!

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